Green Wheels

Dear Green Wheels Partners,

We welcome everyone on the website of our school. We will share all the important information about the January Green Wheels meeting on this interface. In a few words, we present our school: Fáy is the only pure-car-engineer specialty tecnical secondary school in Hungary. We offer trainings for car mechanics, car electronics technicians, and then we can offer automotive technician training for secondary school students based on the above mentioned studies. We provide professional training and adult training for adults on demand.

The January program: Programme

Accommodation options: Here are some web pages of the hotels near our school:

Here are some useful pieces of information about the most interesting sightseeing points in our capital for those who have never been to Budapest. Please visit the following websites:

Before a sightseeing tour you can have lunch either in the 9th district in Ráday Street where one can find several restaurants like the”Vörös Postakocsi Restaurant” or in the downtown, not far from the city centre. Trófea Grill Restaurants are Superbrands award winners in the years of 2015 and 2016, you can find one of them in Király utca. After lunch you can take a short walk as far as Deák Square, Váci Street, etc. Tüköry Restaurant is near the Parliament and the Danube.